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Nikki Maloof

Indian Orchard, MA

Nikki Maloof

Indian Orchard, Springfield MA

It’s total magic really. You get seduced by these paints and these materials and you form this kind of bond to it. I’m not a super spiritual person and I don’t believe in a lot but there’s something about paint that I believe in. It’s really hard to put into words but with it I […]

Janice Nowinski

Brooklyn NY

About eight years ago I started working from photos that I had taken of people that were important in my life. I usually work with low resolution photographs because I don’t want too much information. I just want an overall sense of something reminiscent of those experiences. I look for things that I can respond […]

Sangram Majumdar

Brooklyn NY

I’m always looking at something.  One of the things that I’m interested in is very, very close hue and temperature relationships. I like to see how much range I can get within a narrow bandwidth, whether it’s color or space. I like that color can lead to a type of climate that can be a […]

Rob Nicholls

Toronto, Canada

I’ve latched onto an idea of some kind of landscape, this Cliffside vista. The work came about after a trip to Italy. Driving south along the coastline there’s this cascading landscape down to the water.  I hoped something would inspire me on that trip; I didn’t know at the time but reflecting afterwards on the […]

Clare Grill

Long Island City, NYC

Right now I would say they are some sort of search for color.  I think that they’ve been getting more complex in how color is arrived at. I write down lists of color as combinations when I see. Sometimes I’ll look at that list and try to remember those colors as words.  If I’m stuck […]

Logan Grider

Swarthmore, PA

I’ve been fascinated with relief the last three years and began carving, looking a lot at the Assyrian reliefs at the Met, and how they seem like a really beautiful medium to describe the space between painting and sculpture. That slippage between when something is a thing and when it’s an empty space.  So I […]

Cat Balco

New Haven, CT

They’re made from a place of awareness or presence. It’s important that they have a sense of light and this thin or shallow space. They are certainly spiritual; I think of Hilma af Klint or Emma Kunz, or artists who work with healing. It’s certainly an old idea that abstraction can in some way be […]